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In Writing Partners with Wert to Accept Card Payments

Cryptocurrency isn’t exactly easy to obtain. There are many restrictions that have been put into place on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, such as low buying limits, long withdraw periods, and limited ID verification methods. By partnering with Wert, In Writing has enabled its users to skip the complicated process and purchase NFTs directly on their website with a credit or debit card

Landing page of In Writing's website

In Writing's landing page

In Writing allows users to write any unique text as an NFT, directly to the blockchain. By enabling users to pay with credit and debit cards, they have now become the easiest way to write any text directly to the blockchain, and allow it to be owned, bought, sold, and traded. Users have already been minting text art on the website, such as the art shown below.

Example of text art being sold on the In Writing website

Artwork selling on In Writing's marketplace

How does Wert work? After purchasing an NFT using Wert, Wert will send money to the In Writing smart contract, mint your NFT, and then the smart contract will send the NFT directly to your ethereum wallet. This way, you don’t have to purchase extra crypto — you’ll only be buying what you need. Wert also helps to avoid the complicated nature of using exchanges and having to transfer your crypto to your wallet. Try the Wert demo here!

See In Writings roadmap here to look out for more exciting updates!

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